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Published: The Scotsman (TSMag) 10 October When model Katie-Jane Cooper met French adventurer Tarka L’Herpiniere in Chamonix in 2005, they had practically nothing in common. She was “doing her best to ski down a blue run” while he was skiing up, towing his mother. He thought she wore too much make-up; she thought he was […]


Published: The Scotsman (TSMag) 10 October 2009 When it comes to checking my e-mail, I’m like Pavlov’s dog. Not in the sense that I salivate uncontrollably every time a new message drops into my inbox – that would mean wearing a bib to work. It’s just that e-mails from certain people provoke in me what […]

Book Review: The Third Man Factor

Published: The Scotsman (Critique) 13 June 2009 Book review: The Third Man Factor, by John Geiger Canongate, 290pp, £12.99 THIS BOOK BY AMERICAN AUTHOR John Geiger represents a truly incredible literary achievement. Somehow, against all the odds, he has managed to take several dozen of the most dramatic tales of human survival ever recorded – […]

The Wild Riders

Published: The Scotsman (Section: TSMAG) 28 Feb 2009 The backcountry runs of Chamonix offer extreme thrills. Just make sure you take a guide THAT’S MY FAVOURITE run in the whole world,” says Neil McNab. “Well, apart from one in Kamchatka in eastern Russia. And the only reason I like that one more is because there’s […]

Ascent of Man: Interview with Sir Chris Bonington

Published The Scotsman (TSMAG) 11 Oct 2008 SINCE ITS INCEPTION IN 2003, the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival has attracted an impressive array of guest speakers, from Andy Cave to Doug Scott to Simon Yates. But mountaineers don’t come much more famous than this year’s star, Sir Chris Bonington CBE, conqueror of the south-west face of […]

The Fall Guy: Interview with Dave MacLeod

Published: The Scotsman (Section: Review) 21 Oct 2006 THE Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival always throws up tales of incredible sportspeople doing incredible things, but this year there’s one film in the programme that stands head and shoulders above the rest. E11 tells the story of Scottish climber Dave MacLeod and his quest to conquer the […]

Don’t Slip Up

Published: The Scotsman (Section: The Weekend) 24 Jan 2004 Winter Mountain Safety, Cairngorm Every year, when the first snows of winter begin to fall, hundreds of people who have been happily trekking up and down Scotland’s hills all year long suddenly start finding other ways to spend their weekends. I know – I’m one of […]