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Published: The Scotsman (TSMag) 9 April 2011 SKI mountaineers these days don’t know they’ve been born. All that lovely lightweight kit, all those breathable, waterproof fabrics, all those labour-and-sometimes-life-saving devices like GPS widgets and avalanche transceivers… skiing through a snowy landscape in the 21st century could hardly be easier if you hitched a ride behind […]


Published: The Scotsman, 14 October JUST after midnight on 3 July, kayakers Patrick Winterton and Mick Berwick were entering the final stages of an epic 95-hour, 410km paddle from Stornoway to the Faroe Islands when they realised they had strayed into the path of a trawler. “It was one of these pair trawlers,” says Winterton. […]

Book Review: Two Planks and A Passion: An Off-piste History of War

Published: The Scotsman (Section: Critique) 01 Nov 2008 TWO PLANKS AND A PASSION – THE DRAMATIC HISTORY OF SKIING BY ROLAND HUNTFORD Continuum, 436pp, GBP 25 COULD THE OUTCOME OF THE Second World War have been decided by the humble ski? That’s the bold but surprisingly convincing claim made by Roland Huntford in Two Planks […]

Book Review: True North

Published: The Scotsman (Critique) 02 Aug 2008 TRUE NORTH BY GAVIN FRANCIS, Polygon, 266pp, GBP 9.99 WHEN BRITS TRAVEL ABROAD IT’S usually in a southerly direction, for obvious reasons: why leave these foggy, soggy islands and go somewhere even colder and darker when the Med is only hours away? This one-dimensional migration pattern is reflected […]

Raw Power: Iceland

Published: The Scotsman (TSMAG) 15 Mar 2008 IN ICELAND, driving is not for the fainthearted. Even on the 830-mile “ring road” – the country’s main highway, which runs right the way around the coast – conditions can be seriously sketchy. In fact, the folks at the Icelandic Tourist Board are so concerned about overseas visitors […]