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Surf’s up, Way up

Published: The Scotsman (Section TSMAG) 22 Apr 2006 IF THERE was such a thing as a World Understatement Championship, Derek MacLeod would win it every year. Since starting up Hebridean Surf Holidays in 1998, the former fisherman has ridden waves big enough to scare the living daylights out of most normal people – and most […]

Book review: Giant Steps: The long way home

Published: The Scotsman (Critique) 15 Apr 2006 GIANT STEPS BY KARL BUSHBY, Time Warner, 324pp, GBP 12.99 ON 1 NOVEMBER 1998 a former British soldier called Karl Bushby left Punta Arenas in southern Chile and started walking north. On 21 February 2006 he reached Cape Prince of Wales, northwest Alaska. In the intervening years he […]