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Posts from ‘December, 2006’

Jump to It

Published: The Scotsman (Section: TSMAG) 23 Dec 2006 COASTEERING guide Andy Spink is demonstrating the best way to jump into water from a great height. “Make sure you keep your feet together and your legs straight, and fold your arms across your chest like this,” he says. I’m about to launch myself off a 40ft […]

Going Downhill: The Scottish Skiing Industry

Published: The Scotsman (Main Section) 12 Dec 2006 IT’S SUPPOSED to be December, but flowers are still blooming in the Alps – great news for botanists, perhaps, but terrible news for the ski industry. The region has just experienced its warmest autumn since records began, and many of its most famous resorts are already starting […]

A New Wave

Published: The Scotsman (TSMAG) 09 Dec 2006 LAST OCTOBER, AS THE 2005 Tiree Wave Classic, Scotland’s premier windsurfing competition, drew to a close, organiser Andy Groom mused on the week’s events. On the whole he was delighted with the way things had gone: Neptune had served up epic conditions for the showcase wave-sailing contest, with […]