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On Home Surf

Published: The Scotsman (Main Section)  26 Apr 2008 ‘I’M GONNA need some gloves, man,” says Federico Pilurzu, shivering at the thought of paddling out into the frigid waters of the Pentland Firth. Pilurzu, a Costa Rican, and his buddy Gony Zubizarreta from Spain, are browsing the racks at the Tempest surf shop, the focal point […]

Lotte Glob: Pebbles in the stream

Published: The Scotsman 23 April 2008 THESE days, when artists talk about “suffering for their art”, they usually mean living in a chilly loft apartment with barely enough government subsidy to pay for their caramel macchiatos. Lotte Glob, however, is from the old school. She would never claim to have suffered in her 50 years […]

Book Review: Antarctic Destinies: Gentlemen rivals

Published: The Scotsman (Critique) 05 Apr 2008 Antarctic Destinies by Stephanie Barczewski, Continuum, 390pp, GBP 25 ON 2 NOVEMBER 1902, THREE men – Robert Falcon Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Edward Wilson – set off from the base of the Discovery Expedition at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, with the aim of reaching the South Pole. Things did […]