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Posts from ‘November, 2008’

Book Review: The Snow Tourist

Published: The Scotsman (Main Section) 17 Nov 2008 THE SNOW TOURIST BY CHARLIE ENGLISH Portobello, 280pp, GBP 14.99 CHARLIE English is an associate editor of the Guardian, a newspaper that devotes a great deal of time and energy to ringing alarm bells about climate change. It would be reasonable to expect, then, that this book […]

Wild Child

Published: The Scotsman (Section: TSMAG) 15 Nov 2008 How Hannah McKeand swapped a cosy office job for a life of icy adventure. IS THE URGE TO EXPLORE genetic? Hardwired? Some people certainly want to do it from an early age. In his book The Polar World, the late great adventurer Sir Wally Herbert recalls a […]

Book Review: Two Planks and A Passion: An Off-piste History of War

Published: The Scotsman (Section: Critique) 01 Nov 2008 TWO PLANKS AND A PASSION – THE DRAMATIC HISTORY OF SKIING BY ROLAND HUNTFORD Continuum, 436pp, GBP 25 COULD THE OUTCOME OF THE Second World War have been decided by the humble ski? That’s the bold but surprisingly convincing claim made by Roland Huntford in Two Planks […]