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The Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme: Pedal to the mettle

Published: The Scotsman (TSMag) 18 July 2009 IMAGINE you’re driving a car down a steep mountain road at 50mph. Now imagine you’re not in a car at all but in a go-cart you made yourself out of odd bits of scrap metal. You built the steering. You fitted the brakes. There’s no airbag and there’s […]

National Sailing Centre: Riding the waves

Published: The Scotsman (TSMag) 18 July 2009 YOU’RE a surfer, aren’t you?” skipper Allan Bunyan says. I nod, not entirely sure what that has to do with anything. Then he asks: “Do you want to have a shot at surfing this boat?” The boat in question, the Santa Vey, is a 36ft Jeanneau Sun Odyssey […]