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Published: The Scotsman (TSMag) 4 December 2010 “OF ALL the mountain ranges I have ever seen,” wrote the Austrian-Italian poet and mountaineer Julius Kugy, “none is equal to the Julian Alps”. Riding the newly completed cable car through the vast, snowy canyon of Sella Prevala, you can see what he meant. For years, this awe-inspiring […]


Published: The Scotsman (TSMag) 20 March 2010 SHOULD skiers or snowboarders care about the history of the hills they’re skiing or riding in? Until recently I didn’t think so, but a few days in Italy’s Julian Alps have changed my mind. When I first started looking into the possibility of visiting the resort of Sella […]


Published: The Scotsman (TSMag) 13 March 2010 FOR the last ten winters now, like an oversized migratory bird, I’ve been visiting the same place in the Austrian Alps with more or less the same group of snow-seeking friends. Numbers vary from year to year – usually there are eight or ten of us, but this […]

Bed and Board

Published: The Scotsman (Section: TSMAG) 14 Mar 2009 Travelling by rail means you can sleep easy in your bunk and still reach one of Europe’s top ski resorts in time for breakfast. IT’S DAWN ON A CRYSTAL-CLEAR January morning and I’m lying in bed, watching France profonde flash by outside my window. Mostly it’s forests […]

The Wild Riders

Published: The Scotsman (Section: TSMAG) 28 Feb 2009 The backcountry runs of Chamonix offer extreme thrills. Just make sure you take a guide THAT’S MY FAVOURITE run in the whole world,” says Neil McNab. “Well, apart from one in Kamchatka in eastern Russia. And the only reason I like that one more is because there’s […]

Raw Power: Iceland

Published: The Scotsman (TSMAG) 15 Mar 2008 IN ICELAND, driving is not for the fainthearted. Even on the 830-mile “ring road” – the country’s main highway, which runs right the way around the coast – conditions can be seriously sketchy. In fact, the folks at the Icelandic Tourist Board are so concerned about overseas visitors […]

The Hills are Alive

Published: The Scotsman (Section: TSMAG) 18 Mar 2006 St Anton, Ischgl, Mayrhofen, Kitzbühel … most of Austria’s best ski resorts are concentrated in the western half of the country, where they are squeezed into a thin corridor between Germany and Italy. There are, however, one or two exceptions. About 90km east of Salzburg lies the […]

In Search of Snow

Published: The Scotsman (Section: TSMAG) 22 Jan 2005 Skiing in Ischgl ONCE upon a time, apres ski simply meant drinking gluwein and listening to cheesy music. These days, however, it’s a serious business, and there can’t be many places in the Alps – or in the world, for that matter – where it’s taken as […]

How to Survive the Slopes

Published: The Scotsman (TSMAG) 30 Nov 2004 THIS WINTER, more than one million Britons will embark on skiing or snowboarding holidays, but new research suggests as many as 20,000 will have to abandon the slopes prematurely due to injury. If those figures sound implausible, consider a holiday I took to Morzine last year. Six guys […]