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Published: The Scotsman, 25 April 2010 We, The Drowned By Carsten Jensen, Translated by Charlotte Barslund and Emma Ryder Harvill Secker, 693pp, £17.99 THE Odyssey, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Moby-Dick, The Old Man and the Sea, Rites of Passage … and now We, The Drowned. The canon of great seafaring literature just got […]


Published: The Scotsman (TSMag) 20 March 2010 SHOULD skiers or snowboarders care about the history of the hills they’re skiing or riding in? Until recently I didn’t think so, but a few days in Italy’s Julian Alps have changed my mind. When I first started looking into the possibility of visiting the resort of Sella […]

Book Review: The Third Man Factor

Published: The Scotsman (Critique) 13 June 2009 Book review: The Third Man Factor, by John Geiger Canongate, 290pp, £12.99 THIS BOOK BY AMERICAN AUTHOR John Geiger represents a truly incredible literary achievement. Somehow, against all the odds, he has managed to take several dozen of the most dramatic tales of human survival ever recorded – […]

The Second Wave

Published: The Scotsman (Section: TSMAG)  27 Dec 2008 Travel guides have not been kind to Hikkaduwa on Sri Lanka’s south-west coast – but for surfers it comes close to heaven. POOR Hikkaduwa – first it was flattened by the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, and now, after a period of intensive rebuilding and regeneration, the […]

Book Review: Two Planks and A Passion: An Off-piste History of War

Published: The Scotsman (Section: Critique) 01 Nov 2008 TWO PLANKS AND A PASSION – THE DRAMATIC HISTORY OF SKIING BY ROLAND HUNTFORD Continuum, 436pp, GBP 25 COULD THE OUTCOME OF THE Second World War have been decided by the humble ski? That’s the bold but surprisingly convincing claim made by Roland Huntford in Two Planks […]

Interview: Timmy O’Neill

Published: The Scotsman (Critique) 12 September 2009 FOR once in his life, the hyperactive American climber and comedian Timmy O’Neill isn’t in the mood for cracking jokes. “Something really traumatic happened to me recently so I’m in a bit of a strange mood,” he says over the phone from Washington DC. “I was climbing on Tuesday and […]